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Certified Chimney SweepAs far as the average homeowner is concerned, a chimney sweep does nothing more put a brush up and down their chimney, but proper cleaning of a chimney is an art and includes much more than simple brooming out of creosote buildup.

The caliber and training of the Chimney Sweep technician will determine the results of your cleaning. Depending on the type of chimney you have, there are several types of brushes used to clean it and it's flue. A professionally Certified Chimney Sweep is knowledgeable about the best brush for the job and type of chimney. However, just knowing the type of brush to use is only half the battle. A trained technician also can identify the various stages of creosote buildup in your chimney. At times, it may be necessary for a technician use rotary metal whips or a rotary chain to remove third stage creosote.

The types of brushes used in our industry are: steel wire brushes, stainless steel brushes, and polypropylene plastic brushes. In conjunction with these types of brushes there are also hand brushes, smoke chamber brushes, and pokers, used to break free severe clogs.

As Certified Chimney Professional, we know what it take to clean and maintain your chimney and stove heating units.

Frequently Asked Questions About Chimney Cleaning

Q. On what type of system are these brush used?

A. On a masonry chimney the system consists of mortar and bricks. The flue system consists of terra cotta flue tiles. A wire brush would the appropriated brush to use on the flue, and a hand brush and smoke chamber brush best used together for the smoke chamber and fire box.

Q. What if I have a wood burning prefab unit, wood stove or pellet stove?

A. On these types of heating appliances polypropylene brushes would be used on the flue and hand brushes used to clean the firebox.

So as you can see it is important to use the appropriated brush to get the system as clean as possible. Using the incorrect brush may damage the system or may not provide the proper cleaning needed.

Q. Why do the technicians clean my chimney from top down?

A. At times that may be the only way to clean the chimney. Believe us when we say sweeping a chimney top down is a lot easier than bottom up when using the rod method. Stroking the rod down versa up is much easier. But, with a rotary cleaning system cleaning from bottom can be just be effective on class A systems.

Using a Certified Chimney Sweep Professional Matters

Again the importance of having your chimney cleaned properly and on a yearly basis is to reduce the possibility of a chimney fire. Chimney fires are more common than you would think and can be devastating. It is not unusual for the intense heat and quick flame to burn the entire house to the ground or burn off the entire roof. Protect your family and property by using SL Services your locally based Certified Chimney Sweeping service.

At XL Service LLC, we want to build a relationship with you and your chimney. We are trained chimney sweep specialists that know how a chimney should be cleaned. Getting your chimney as clean as clean as possible to create a safe environment for your family is our top priority.